Khesh Collection: An Ode to Recycled Sarees

Khesh Collection: An Ode to Recycled Sarees

We've all heard of recycling and upcycling—making new clothes from old clothes. Similar to this, there is a beautiful, eclectic, and textured handloom textile that is literally a saree made from old saree scraps! Making them exemplar to the saying- ”Old is Gold”.

It's beautiful that a traditional handloom textile that has been around for a long time has incorporated the principles of zero waste production, recycling, upcycling, and sustainability into the textile industry. This was so much ahead of its time, and the rest of the world seems to be just starting to understand these ideas!

The process is fascinating but straightforward: new yarn is used for the warp, and thin strips of cloth made by tearing old sarees in half lengthwise are used for the weft. This simply indicates that during the saree-making process, long, thin strips of cloth cut from previous sarees are interwoven with thread to create beautiful three-dimensional stripes within the new saree for non-textile experts!

In recent years, Khesh weaving has been practiced in Birbhum, West Bengal. It’s a hymn of an artisan and Indian cultural ties, getting recognized by the world. A stunning illustration of consumers returning goods in a kind of circular economy in which old things are used to make new ones!

The variety degree seen on these Khesh stripes is totally a question of possibility. One can appreciate how the colors of the old sarees have blended into the new fabric, which is always surprising. So yes, you got it right, although the main color will be almost the same, the stripes on these sarees will be unique in its own. 

Such idealism has incorporated & is reflected in Swapna Creation Khesh Saree Collection.

  1. Swapna Creation Black Khesh Cotton Saree

Swapna Creation Black Khesh Cotton Saree

A saree made of cotton in black with Khesh stripe patterns all over. The fabric is flowy and soft, making it suitable for both formal and informal wear. Amassing the epitome beauty of minimal elegance, this saree will give you absolute Diva-look anytime, anywhere.

  1. Swapna Creation Grey-Maroon Khesh Cotton Saree 

Swapna Creation Maroon-Black Khesh Cotton Saree with Stripes

A jaw-dropping ethnic wear that is incredibly smooth, airy, and simple to manage. This piece has a contemporary color combination of gray and maroon to give you a luxurious appearance. With its flawless pleats and attractive fabric texture, it will ensure that you remain stylish and WOW forever.

  1. Swapna Creation Yellow Khesh Cotton Saree

Swapna Creation Yellow Khesh Cotton Saree

This beautiful cotton saree in dazzling yellow, with radiance, will elevate your status. This saree is made to perfection to make your everyday memories more memorable. Wear this amazing saree with chic Jhumkas to flaunt the fabulous vibe it illuminates.

***A note to all:
India reckons and echoes the voice of artisanal sustainable fashion since time itself. Our cultural morals and ethics indulge ourselves in the core principles of recycling and zero-waste lifestyle even till the beginning of the 21st Century. But as the world is evolving (which is great) we are deviating from our ethos of cherishing nature's gifts and utilizing it to its fullest. Embracing fast fashion is one among many such deviances. This deviance is maybe because many of us have been conditioned to believe that reusable/recycled fashion is not palatable to youngsters' fashion taste and trends.

That's why it’s time to embrace the eco-conscious lifestyle and go back to our sustainable roots. 

For a better future, let's keep recycling and renewing.

Visit Swapna Creation Saree Collection for a stunning and varied selection of sarees, and absolutely one-of-a-kind, curated pieces at comfortable prices that one can treasure for a lifetime and pass on to future generations—by then, it would be even more valuable and precious!

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