3 Classic Sarees to Wear This Republic Day Celebrations

3 Classic Sarees to Wear This Republic Day Celebrations

Every Indian holds a special place in their hearts for Republic Day. The day is made even more remarkable by the military parade, flag raising, and patriotic films. The Indian people are brought together by the national holiday, which also provides an opportunity to dress more culturally.

And the much-loved saree is the perfect outfit for this occasion! A saree manifests the feelings of enthusiasm, peace, and love to people all over the country. The beauty of it is that it can be worn by anyone from schoolgirls to elderly women. It is the outfit of choice for Republic Day functions when it incorporates the national colors of saffron, green, and white.

And who doesn't want to drape themselves in the colours of the flag on this joyful day? If you are set for wearing something that is exuberant and fitting for the vibe of the day then we have the ultimate saree collection. (We bet that you can't resist these beauties)

So lets celebrate this Republic Day with saffron, white & green, to express our love for India and our patriotism!

Swapna Creation Handwoven Saffron Linen Saree


Swapna Creation Handwoven Saffron Linen Saree


What comes to your mind when you hear this color? It is bewildering how some words evoke all senses of the human mind at once. A color, a condiment, a symbol of class and hue of patriotism.This saree wraps up everything for you at once. It is not just an attire but a mood in itself. Wrapping you in the coziest material with intricate work on the body manifesting magic.

The border is simply the cherry on the cake, it's spread across the edges adding the traditional yet ethnically flamboyant touch to it.

Swapna Creation Handwoven White Linen Saree


Swapna Creation Handwoven White Linen Saree


What if I told you, we captured the snowflakes and the scenery into a saree? Showcasing the epitome spirit of peace and tranquility that washed over everyone post freedom is this saree. 

Forget nets when you can embrace yourself in embroidered, delicately delivered pieces of linen meant for any occasion bringing the breeze with you, wherever you go .

The simplicity is inescapable and the color makes it all the more soothing. What might be the look of the season is styling this magnificent yet meticulous saree is minimal silver jewelry and accessories. Nothing like a silver payal and pendant. From being the shining moon to the fierce light, this one completes the wardrobe.

Swapna Creation Handwoven Green Linen Saree


Swapna Creation Handwoven Green Linen Saree


If there is a colour that can describe the love of the nation with its motherly caress and ever flourishing love then the colour will be GREEN. Reflecting the abundance and the growth of the nation, this saree is a phenomenal choice for an eloquent and rich vibe. The gorgeous saree is lightweight and the shimmer from its sequence gives a sense of morning dewdrops on top grass fields. It’s minimal yet luxe befits any official or unofficial republic day celebration event. For an unbeatable look style this saree with golden blouse and convoluted jewelry with matching bangles. Choose this saree for a fresh and luxurious wear.

While we Indians dress in a variety of traditional and contemporary attire for a plethora of celebrations for our family, friends, and religion, we should accord the same importance to national holidays like Independence Day and Republic Day. You can make the Tri-coloured saree a focal point of your wardrobe by wearing one of these elegant and chic sarees. 

You deserve to look amazing in whatever you wear and these sarees have it all to give you the best touch. So why not this republic Day, you flare your saree!

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