Our Story: Rooted in Tradition, Flourishing in Passion 🌱

At the heart of Swapna Creation, a Bhubaneswar-based online fashion boutique, pulses an undying love for the sublime elegance of sarees—a love that has its roots in the childhood lanes of Balasore, a small yet beautiful city in Odisha. Our Founder, Banani Sahu, an alumnus of NIFT, New Delhi, and a textile engineer by profession, found her calling in the intricate patterns and vibrant colors of textiles. After an enriching experience in New Delhi, she returned to her roots to concentrate solely on Swapna Creation.

Our Mission 🌟

Nearly a decade old, Swapna Creation has grown to become a pan-India phenomenon, catering to the tastes and aspirations of handloom lovers. We are not just a boutique; we're a sanctuary where the rich tapestry of India's different states—be it Odisha, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, or Karnataka—is celebrated. We handpick each saree, each fabric, to ensure you get nothing but the most authentic experience. 🌈

Why Choose Us? 🤔

We offer you more than just exceptional sarees; we are guardians of centuries-old craftsmanship. As steadfast supporters of the artisans who infuse life into each thread, we are committed to sustaining and showcasing these invaluable traditions. 🌿

The Swapna Promise 🤝

Our promise is to make you feel not just gorgeous, but also deeply connected to the culture that enriches us all. Your elegance is not just a personal statement but a collective tribute to the dedication and skill of countless artisans across India. 🌹

Your Elegance, Our Mission 👗

Drape a Swapna Creation saree, and you are transformed, connected, and empowered. As each saree graces your form, it carries a legacy—a story of heritage preserved and of tradition empowered. Let's weave a future where every fold is a narrative, every drape a statement, and every thread a testament to the beauty that is our culture, our heritage, our India. 💫

Join Us ❤️

If you're a handloom lover searching for something special and authentic, your quest ends here. Welcome to Swapna Creation, where beauty and empowerment go hand in hand.


Swapna Creation


Address: 5293/9300,Durga Vihar, Turanga, Angul,

Odisha 759122
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