Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

A woman,

She is there to stay,

A woman,

Does she need to be celebrated once a year,

Ironical, is it?

She is celebrated each and every day,

A woman, she is an epitome of strength,

Her courage and charisma are immortal,

If she closes her eyes,

Your world would stop to beat,

A woman,

She is the change that the world needs,

She doesn’t need to be celebrated once a year,

Nevertheless, we will celebrate you, THE WOMAN,

And, we will do that every day,

Here’s to the woman in you,

And to the woman in me….


Happy International Women’s Day


WOMAN, she is that fragile thread that has been connecting all the dots in your world. And, now, let’s thank the #innovation in the #digital world and #technology that she is able to achieve her dreams even faster. Well, let’s not deny that she has fought really hard and is still continuing to do so in what we still refer to as a #patriarchal and #inequal world.


She has to fight every day to tell the world that she wasn’t just born to cook or be a caretaker. Thus, that brings us to another imperative point that is to treat her like a goddess when she compromises and sacrifices her own dreams for the sake of people who choose to ignore her basic rights too. She is the nurturer but not at the cost of her personal sacrifices to make you happy.


We have seen women fighting for the world, against the world and they do it so well. They have been the best freedom fighters displaying the strength that comes from within and is natural to them.


And that is why she needs to be celebrated every day and not to be looked upon as an instrument of sacrifices and settlements.  And the digital #transformation is surely helping them climb the ladder of happiness and success instead of giving up on their dreams.


And because of this digital innovation, we at SWAPNA CREATIONS are able to bring a revolution too.


We are proud to be associated with women as-






_and the list is endless


It is because of the innovation in the #technology that we are able to contribute towards #empowering #women all across the world.


And our Saree Collection knows no bound to make each and every woman involved in the process, to feel proud of it.


Our collection depicts #diversity intertwined with courage to create distinguished work for #WOMEN.

To name a few from many:


The Linen Collection

It makes you stand out in the crowd and is there to make you a crowd puller in your conferences, meetings or even if it is just a casual outing.


The Banarasi Collection-

They are priced phenomenally reasonable and are there to stay forever. You cannot ever have enough of Banarasi Sarees, can you?


The Zari Khadi Cotton Collection -

And then, the collection that will make you look the most elegant yet chic. From wedding to a cocktail party, the Zari Khadi Collection cannot be deprived to be in your wardrobe.


Swapna Creation, has hope, courage, dreams, love, warmth and much more weaved in its collection. A collection that is designed and created to make your and their heart skip a beat.

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