4 Unmatched Saree look for this Christmas

4 Unmatched Saree look for this Christmas

Someone has justly said, "Be it Holi, Diwali, or a party night at my friend's house, a saree is what I wear to look drop-dead gorgeous." 

As the period of lively Christmas has begun, you can anticipate relishing wine, cherries, cranberries with a Christmas feast alongside gatherings and comfortable parties and furthermore toasts with companions and friends and family. However, no matter how intimate the celebration is, you must look your best to set the holiday mood.

Glam up like a goddess in the elegant colors of Christmas collection Sarees that are appropriate for the season and turn heads.

You say, Christmas and saree? Is there a match?

Yes, it is.

The fusion of Western and Eastern cultures over the past few decades has given the fashion industry a new meaning. Cultural boundaries have dissolved and spread as a result of globalization. Fashion is no longer restricted by notions of a particular culture or nation because it has crossed national boundaries.

The fashion industry is changing and expanding at an incredible rate all over the world. Culture and traditional attire have always had a significant impact on the fashion industry.

This holiday season, sarees are in style, and what better way to show this melting pot of cultures than by wearing one?

Let’s have a look at our Christmas saree collection.

Swapna Creation White Khadi Cotton Jamdani Saree

What brings one more joy than rejoicing in the three traditional colours of Christmas. While the red signifies all the vigor and the energy, the green is one with nature and white symbolizes peace and ensures that there is some kind of tranquillity amidst all the fun folic and celebration.

What's most pleasing about this beautiful modern saree, is its simplistic exuberance. The red border royally brings out the essence of Christmas. 🎄

Swapna Creation white with red Khadi Jamdani Saree

Swapna Creation Red & White Cotton Silk Jamdani Saree

This saree takes me back to the mountains, snow laden and pristine. Simply a masterpiece echoing class and tradition at the same time. The beauty of the saree that embeds the christmas spirit is with the reindeer motifs in contrast with the red. It can be styled with multiple types of blouses and the subtle work wouldn't fail to turn heads. The saree is  enough to captivate anyone. For a stunning appearance, style it with a flower bun and a red bindi.

Swapna Creation White with Red Cotton Silk Handwoven Jamdani Saree

Swapna Creation Green Cotton Silk Jamdani Saree

If elegance could be wrapped and presented into a piece of cloth, it would be this. This silky green royalty is a handwoven Jamdani saree and the details personify it further.

If you are looking for a saree that will carry the essence of your tradition with you in this western festival of Christmas, you have found your gem. 

The pallu in sanguine is the apple of the eye, seamlessly sinking into the emerald.

Minimal jewellery and you are all set for the Christmas party.

Swapna Creation Green with Red Cotton Silk Handwoven Jamdani Saree

Swapna Creation Ruby Red Kasuti Embroidered Khunn Saree

This Christmas, revel in the opulence of Ruby Red Kasuti Embroidered Khunn Saree, a symbol of grace and luxury whose sheen and texture create the ideal drapes, making you appear subtle and smooth. The saree's exquisite embroidery and vibrant patterns will be its highlights. To elevate your subdued appearance, pair it with pearl-encrusted earrings.

Swapna Creation Ruby Red Kasuti Embroidered Khunn Saree

One of the oldest garments in the world, the saree may be the only one still unstitched from the past. So why not bring in this fashion statement in 2022’s Christmas celebration.

Make the most of this Christmas by blending your style with morning bliss, twinkling stars, and presents from loved ones to achieve a stunning look for the week. However, with Swapna Creation, don't forget to make an appealing style statement that grabs attention. 

And, ladies, wait up! Look in the mirror if you're looking for the Angels of this season!!!

Happy Holidays!

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